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About Atlas Exteriors

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Atlas Roof and Exteriors was founded in 2003 by two long time industry professionals. Bringing over 30 years of experience in the trade - the partners wanted to deliver a better experience to the homeowner.

In addition to roofing, Atlas Roof and Exteriors offers a complete line of exterior services and products including: a full line of replacement windows, garage doors and openers, vinyl and aluminum siding, gutters, concrete masonry work, stucco work, and stone work.

We used to work for the “big roof” companies in town. We left because we were frustrated with the way our customers were being treated. The bigger the companies got, the worse quality control became and this left many of our clients unsatisfied with the result.

When we worked for “big roof” we became increasingly concerned about the type of installation crews that were being sent out to do the work. Some of the guys on those crews were either incompetent or downright scary! Many times “big roof” would hire a crew just because they were cheap. It became apparent to us that “big roof” was more concerned about making money than giving the client what they paid for. This was not the way we wanted to do business.

When we formed Atlas Roof and Exteriors we agreed on the following principles:

We hope you choose Atlas Roof and Exteriors. We are confident that no other company will give you a better experience and better products for your home or business!